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Business Incubators

Solid support for business startups

An environment and opportunities for entrepreneurs to become self-sufficient

TEQS helps businesses get off the ground. Full-time incubation managers are on hand to provide business advice and information to tenants who are just getting started, and business coordinators can help tenants craft business plans that will grow their business.

Open to foreign businesses seeking inroads into the Japanese market

TEQS welcomes individuals and small and medium-size businesses who want to create new products and services for Japan using images, music, digital content, animation, games, information and communications, software, internet, smartphones or other digital technology.

  • Tenant requirements for foreign businesses
    Capable of communicating in Japanese. Having a bank account in Japan. Individuals or small and medium-size businesses with less than 10 (ten) years of history in their current line of business, and small and medium-size businesses wanting to establish an office in Japan.
  • Application process
    Candidates submit an application and required documents. A determination is made after reviewing the submitted information.
    For more information, contact TEQS by email.

A creative environment for all working styles

Pre-incubator office

29,800 ~ 48,600 JPY/month
(Common services, electricity and air-conditioner charges included)

There are 11 high partition booths of about 13 ~ 22m² in size. This arrangement is best suited for startup businesses with
1 ~ 4 workers.

Main incubator office

59,183 ~ 122,698 JPY/month
(Common services and air-conditioner charge included. Electricity and heating charges excluded.)

There are 8 completely private rooms of 31 ~ 65m² in size. This arrangement is best suited for businesses with 3 or more workers and equipment.

Electricity 10 kVA per office
Lighting 500 lux
Air-conditioning Individual unit for each office
Floor withstand strength 300 kg/m², OA flooring
Ceiling height 2,600mm
Other Common room with hot-water service. Contract parking separately available.
  • Accessible
    24 hours 365 days
  • Low rent
  • Complete with shower
  • 3 minutes on foot via a covered walkway from Trade Center-mae Station

Floor map

Floor map

Incubator office rates

Pre-incubator office
(High partition booth)
No security deposit needed

Office Floor space (m²) Rent
M-1-4A 18.12 39,864 JPY
M-1-4B 16.88 37,136 JPY
M-1-4C 22.39 49,258 JPY
M-1-4D 16.69 36,718 JPY
M-1-4E 15.86 34,892 JPY
M-1-13 13.80 30,360 JPY
Office Floor space (m²) Rent
M-1-14 14.20 31,240 JPY
M-1-15 16.20 35,640 JPY
M-1-16 22.50 49,500 JPY
M-1-17 21.00 46,200 JPY
M-1-18 20.70 45,540 JPY

Rent for the pre-incubator office includes common services, electricity and air-conditioner charges. Telephone and internet charges are separate.
* All listed rates include 8% consumption tax.
* Access is possible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. (Except during annual inspections of ATC's electric equipment [Once a year].)

Main incubator office (Private room)

Office(Floor space (m²)) Floor space (m²) (1) Rent (2) Common services Total
(3) Air
(1)+(2)+(3) Security deposit
M-1-3(65.30) 65.30 79,731 JPY 45,252 JPY 124,983 JPY 40,512 JPY 165,495 JPY 217,449 JPY
M-1-6(60.10) 60.10 73,382 JPY 41,649 JPY 115,031 JPY 37,286 JPY 152,317 JPY 200,133 JPY
M-1-7(60.30) 60.30 73,626 JPY 41,787 JPY 115,413 JPY 37,410 JPY 152,823 JPY 200,799 JPY
M-1-8(35.70) 35.70 43,589 JPY 24,740 JPY 68,329 JPY 22,149 JPY 90,478 JPY 118,881 JPY
M-1-9(31.50) 31.50 38,461 JPY 21,829 JPY 60,290 JPY 19,543 JPY 79,833 JPY 104,895 JPY
M-1-10(45.09) 45.09 55,053 JPY 31,246 JPY 86,299 JPY 27,974 JPY 114,273 JPY 150,147 JPY
M-1-11(45.08) 45.08 55,041 JPY 31,240 JPY 86,281 JPY 27,968 JPY 114,249 JPY 150,114 JPY
M-1-12(45.90) 45.90 56,043 JPY 31,808 JPY 87,851 JPY 28,477 JPY 116,328 JPY 152,847 JPY

In addition to the rent and common services charges, main incubator offices require separate charges for air-conditioning (base rate + consumption), electricity (lights + outlets), and communications (telephone + internet).
* A security deposit is required to move in.
* All listed rates include 8% consumption tax.
* Access is possible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. (Except during annual inspections of ATC's electric equipment [Once a year].)

Tenant benefits

  • Inexpensive comfortable office space

    Because common areas are carefully decorated, they suffice for presentations, meetings, etc. So, tenants do not need to set space in their office aside and can effectively use the space for office work.

    • Pre-incubator office 29,800 JPY and up M-1-13 13.80 m² (Common services and air-conditioner charges included)
    • Main incubator office 59,183 JPY and up M-1-9 31.50 m² (Rent + Common services)
      * Electricity and air-conditioner charges excluded.
  • Special rates on recording studio and equipment rentals

    Tenants have access to the recording studio, equipment and other facilities at special rates. The work studio is free of charge and accessible 24 hours a day. Moreover, daily rental charges are capped at 20,800 JPY!

  • Free seminar attendance!

    Tenants can attend seminars held by TEQS free of charge. 0 JPY Various types of seminars are expected to be held 60 or more times a year.

  • Daily and regular consultation

    Our incubation managers provide daily and regular consultations to confirm the tenant's progress against business plans, extract problems and develop solution strategies together with tenants.

    Daily consultation (Support from incubation managers available at all times)
    Regular consultation (Business consultation with incubation managers whenever needed)

    • Confirmation of progress against business plans, skills honing
    • How to organize financial information and activities
    • Discussions intended to extract and solve problems
  • Advertising and PR support

    Support for expanded sales channels, forming partnerships and matching up with other businesses

    Information and advertisements on the businesses occupying the incubator offices are published on the website, e-zine and other resources managed by TEQS.

  • Support from the Osaka Sangyo Sozokan/Business Innovation Center Osaka Business Consulting Room

    Advice on financing and legal affairs

    In cooperation with Business Consulting Room of the Osaka Sangyo Sozokan/Business Innovation Center Osaka, TEQS provides consultation and support concerning fund raising, finance, laws, and intellectual property.

  • Exchange meetings among tenant businesses

    Tenants can anticipate opportunities to share information and collaborate with other tenants through an expanding wave of exchange.